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“Angel Number” 1007 (Update #2)

Gayoung and Official Stellar tweeted the teaser photo at 10:07am KST. (Thank you kallie for spotting this oddity!)

When you Google search 1007, it gives the “Angel Number” 1007 which means:

“Angel Number 1007 is a communication from the angels that you should follow your goals in life. Create your own fate by taking the guidance from the divine energies and by following your own instincts. You should not be deterred by the opinion of others in your objective to realize your desires.”

This sounds about the right kind of description of Gayoung to me 😄



– Stellar Twinkles

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More Meaning on Gayoung’s Body Position (Update #1)

Update #1 – 2017.06.20, 10:43pm KST – more meaning on Gayoung’s body position (Source:

“Interestingly enough, it appears that the two sephiroths under Gayoung are ‘Tiphareth’ (beauty) and ‘Yesod’ (foundation), which are connected by the Path of Samekh whose corresponding zodiac is Sagittarius (Gayoung’s sign) and whose key scale is 25 (Gayoung’s international age).”

– Stellar Twinkles

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This is an Alternate Reality Game isn’t it?! Stellar’s Comeback

From the article: “화이트 섹시”…스텔라 가영, 27일 컴백 앞두고 티저 공개

“이번 앨범을 통해 팬과 대중들은 보도 듣고 끝나는 것이 아니라 앞으로 공개 되는 티저 이미지, 뮤직비디오 티저 및 본편 등 아트워크에 숨겨진 장치를 찾아 나가는 판타지 영화 속 주인공이 될수 있다”

“If you search for the devices hidden in the artwork this comeback you will become the main lead of a fantasy movie”

Related info >> Wikipedia: Alternate Reality Game

I think if we look deeper this will lead us in to a story.

If this is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game), then if we follow the clues closely, we will be able to find our way to websites and real locations etc for more information.

Could the ciphered messages that members left last night be clues as well? (I do not know if these are related… I’m really unsure, but the messages were poetic to me – like lyrics, and also very perfectly constructed to give clues into its deciphering).

For example, in the teaser image of Gayoung, she is lying on the Sephiroth Tree. The Sephiroth tree is used as a cypher in the past and used to spell things. Could the way Gayoung’s body is positioned be spelling something?


From another fan (Sam/Astro), I heard that she is lying on the position called “beauty” (I don’t disagree with this haha). Comparing the diagrams I agree as well, but could it spell something else based on the connections? (I hear this is how the cypher works – the relationship between the nodes spell things)

The Sephiroth tree:



Any ideas anyone?

– Stellar Twinkles