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It’s clearly a tree (Update #9)

If you angle your computer screen and look at Jeonyoul’s teaser again so that it’s outside the direct angle of the screen (put your head lower than your screen and look at the image), you’ll see that it’s clearly a giant tree behind Jeonyoul in her teaser. You can tell from the bark-like texture which becomes visible by angling your view. I would venture to say that it’s the Sephiroth Tree!!!

Tip about the tree was from Xenia!

So question that comes to mind: Was it written anywhere about words being near or outside the Sephiroth Tree? Perhaps this is our next lead!

Also, was Noah anywhere near the Sephiroth Tree? Since the middle text that we were able to decipher from the image says “Noah”.

jeonyoul teaser

Update: Sharpened version of photo by kallie below!


– Stellar Twinkles

Angel Numbers

Angel Number Prediction: Next teaser @ 12:05pm (Update #8)


Gayoung Twitter Teaser: 1007 (1+0+0+7=8)
Jeonyul Twitter Teaser: 1106 (1+1+0+6=8)
So the next twitter teaser should come at 12:05 (1+2+0+5=8)

That 8 ties in with the line Justin mentioned earlier as it connects the 8th sephiroth (Hod) with Yesod.

We’ve seen Angel Numbers being calculated using this way before.

Refer to detail at the bottom of the pages like this that explain.

– Stellar Twinkles

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Gayoung’s Cypher, Ancient Hebrew, Noah נח (Update #7)

I asked a friend who knows Hebrew about the Hebrew text in Jeonyoul’s teaser, and he said some of the characters look like Hebrew, but some don’t and it didn’t make sense.

It occurred to me that we could use Gayoung’s Cypher – the Sephiroth Tree that she is lying on – and compare it to the current Hebrew in the diagrams of the Sephiroth Tree that we have.

nicole matched these together and came up with this:

I tried that by reflecting the letters and the most I could get was thiss:
קל?נ? ?נ?צ? נח ץ?ד??צ

Some of the letters corresponded directly with Hebrew letters but others were cyphered by matching the words in Gayoung’s to the actual Hebrew.

Also earlier, nicole figured this out:

I don’t know if this is actually something but after a long time deciphering i got that the two symbol word in jeonyul’s image was ‘Noah’

Apparently Noah took the role of the archangel Gabriel whose designated planet is the moon, which symbolizes reflection & illusion (which may be why the words had to be mirrored/flipped). The moon is also the associated planet of yesod, one of the important sephiroths in gayoung’s teaser.

Gabriel is also the only archangel to be depicted as a female

Note: Googling the middle fully decoded two character Hebrew text gives links to Noah.

It seems also that this text may be some ancient version of Hebrew (not current) which is why not all the characters map directly, but using Gayoung’s Cypher I think we can figure it out. Perhaps once we get a better view of the whole tree Gayoung is lying on. Or if someone who knows Hebrew could guess those missing letters!

Note: Hebrew should be read right to left.






– Stellar Twinkles

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Stellar Member Dress Color Meanings Interpretation (Update #6)

From Sam/Astro on the Stellar Twinkle Chat Room:

Ok so someone pointed something out to me in the discord

Each dress isn’t white. Each dress is a different colour. The 10 Sephiroth are all represented by different colours.

I’ve added the image from the teaser video here for your reference – you can see the slight color differences in the members’ dresses if you look carefully.


Keter, the first one, is represented by white and is the start of the creation story.

Gayoung represents Keter

Her dress is white, she was the first teaser

Next is light blue Chokmah, which will be Hyoeun.

Next is Binah, which is Crimson however it can be substituted for a grey flecked pink, therefore Minhee.

Chesed is violet, so that will be Jeonyul

Geburah is orange but I believe that will be Soyoung anyways.

However since this is a comeback that features duality, will the girls also represent the next 5 steps of the Sephirot Tree?

Also I could be wrong about that initial thing and they could all just be representing one particular step of the Sephiroth.

Yeah, the Qlipoth.

That is one interpretation but the other interpretation is the dark side represents the Archangels represented by each tier of the Sephiroth

If they do they may be disregarding the idea of going in chronological order with the Sephirot.

The thing with this comeback is that it can be interpreted so broadly in such a variety of ways that seeking out the meaning for all the symbolism is quite difficult.

You can check out the video teaser here:

More details on @soyoungpics Twitter!

– Stellar Twinkles

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Yoori’s Teaser, Hebrew, Angel Numbers 850 and 1106 (Update #5)

Jeonyoul’s Teaser got released today, and this has brought in a few more leads!

jeonyoul teaser


The most prominent and eye-catching thing you’ll see is the text written on the bottom left corner of the teaser photo.

When sharpened (thanks Sam/Astro!), and looked at from a different angle, it looks like this:


Which appears to be Hebrew


Does anyone who can read Hebrew know what it says??

Also, does it match to any of the Hebrew on the more complicated versions of the Sephiroth Tree diagrams?

Some things I’ve thought of: Perhaps following the Hebrew text along the Sephiroth Tree diagram will give us more clues? (Other Twinkles also suggested, what if we rotate the text?)

Angel Numbers 850 and 1106

The teaser photo was originally uploaded on Stellar’s Facebook page at 8:50am KST, and then on Stellar’s Official Twitter page at 11:06am KST. Could these be in relation to the Angel Numbers again? (Thanks Twinkles on the Twinkle Chat room, and procrastinationismysecondname)

Angel Number 850

“Angel Number 850 is a message that the angels are with you, helping you with current and ongoing changes taking place in your life. Ask for guidance from the angels whenever you feel the need and know that the channel of communication is always open for you. All is going to Divine plan in every way.”

Angel Number 1106

“Angel Number 1106 is a message from your angels reminding you that your thoughts and beliefs create your realities and experiences, and you are encouraged to hold only positive expectations and thoughts about your material situation or circumstances. New and/or unexpected opportunities will arise (sometimes in the most unexpected ways) that will ensure all that you need to maintain and sustain you in your daily life will come to you when required. Do not hold fear of lack or loss. Have faith and trust that your angels and the Universe will make sure that your material needs are met.”

Also, procrastinationismysecondname thinks that the Angel Numbers for Jeonyoul fits well with her cyptic tweet. They explain:

2017-06-21 (4)2017-06-21 (5)

– Stellar Twinkles

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Archangels (Update #4)

Stellar’s Official Facebook teaser photo post of Gayoung now has the extra hashtag #archangels (Thanks to Rocio for spotting this! 😄)


Update: I got suspicious of the edit so I thought I’d check the timestamp. The edit was made at 3:36am KST. 3:36am. Who in Korea would get up at 3:36am just to add some hashtags?


Doing a Google search with terms archangel and 336 there seems to be an archangel number 336.

Dare I look further now? It’s currently 4:38am where I am now.

– Stellar Twinkles

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Revisiting Stellar Members’ Cryptic Tweets (Update #3)

On 2017.06.19 members posted some cryptic tweets on through their twitter accounts.


At first these look completely puzzling, with fans confused. Some fans thought the members were just playing around, but other fans discovered that this was actually members typing messages in Korean, but with the English keyboard enabled.

When deciphered, the messages read like so:

(GY) 사실 속상하다 슬프다 마음이아프다 누구를위한걸까
Actually, I’m upset. I’m sad. My heart hurts. Who is this for?

(HE) 너무너무너무 속상하다
I’m really really really upset

Minhee also made a Twitter post in English, which simply read:
(MH) Me too

Jeonyoul made a post as well, this one a little different – it was written using only the first letter in each consonant.

The message looked like this:

Decodes to:

Which means:
(JY) “I thought it would be good once I work hard.
I thought it will be good once I follow well.
But it’s like this after patience and efforts.”

Some fans think that these are spoilers for their song lyrics, others think that these are the true things that members feel (the messages are all too real).

My take on things is this: The members are teasing the song, but the song was written to reflect their feelings – before some kind of rebirth.

Since the song revolves around the Sephiroth Tree, also known as “The Tree of Life”, it could be the lyrics about before the rebirth takes place.

The reason why I think that these messages are teasers, is because the messages are too well constructed, and too poetic (the repeats of the “neomu neomu neomu” in Hyoeun’s tweet, and Jeonyoul’s repeat on the first two lines). The word “upset” repeats in Gayoung and Hyoeun’s tweets were possibly done there intentionally, so that people could spot a pattern – the word “thrtkdgkek”. Also, these words are too perfectly correct. If members were simply hitting the keyboard, there’s a good chance that “thrtkdgkek” wouldn’t have come out right.

My thoughts on why Jeonyoul’s message was written differently, is that that’s a rap part, as opposed to a normal melody part.

The Twitter posts have been removed now, perhaps because fans were starting to worry about members (it’s still uncertain whether these are teasers or members’ true feelings).

We might have to wait a little more for more clues before we figure this one out. One teaser photo a day is already going to keep Twinkles busy and guessing X)

– Stellar Twinkles