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Archangels (Update #4)

Stellar’s Official Facebook teaser photo post of Gayoung now has the extra hashtag #archangels (Thanks to Rocio for spotting this! 😄)


Update: I got suspicious of the edit so I thought I’d check the timestamp. The edit was made at 3:36am KST. 3:36am. Who in Korea would get up at 3:36am just to add some hashtags?


Doing a Google search with terms archangel and 336 there seems to be an archangel number 336.

Dare I look further now? It’s currently 4:38am where I am now.

– Stellar Twinkles

3 thoughts on “Archangels (Update #4)

    1. You’re right! Some Twinkles in the Twinkle chat room were talking about Angel Number 850 too! What do you mean when you say it fits well with her coded tweet? Did it match the timestamp she posted the tweet at? Or do you mean it matches the content?


      1. Ohh, with the content, Jeonyul says that no matter how hard she works or how patient she is, things just dont fall in place, number 850 (and also #1106 her teaser got uploaded on Twitter @ 11:06 KST) in resume says something about new beginnings and how angels are going to repay you for your hard work


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