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It’s clearly a tree (Update #9)

If you angle your computer screen and look at Jeonyoul’s teaser again so that it’s outside the direct angle of the screen (put your head lower than your screen and look at the image), you’ll see that it’s clearly a giant tree behind Jeonyoul in her teaser. You can tell from the bark-like texture which becomes visible by angling your view. I would venture to say that it’s the Sephiroth Tree!!!

Tip about the tree was from Xenia!

So question that comes to mind: Was it written anywhere about words being near or outside the Sephiroth Tree? Perhaps this is our next lead!

Also, was Noah anywhere near the Sephiroth Tree? Since the middle text that we were able to decipher from the image says “Noah”.

jeonyoul teaser

Update: Sharpened version of photo by kallie below!


– Stellar Twinkles

7 thoughts on “It’s clearly a tree (Update #9)

    1. Oh my, that timestamp seems to be correct (unless it’s off my a minute – are you able to get a clear timestamp? I can only see the so and so minutes before time on the Instagram photo). It could be?! I presume you mean this photo?

      Although it could also be coincidence and that she’s doing an unrelated product placement? It’s hashtagged with #클라쎄14 #klasse14


      1. Twitter gave timestamp of 4.51 (by moving mouse cursor on top of timestamp) which is at wrong timezone but minutes should be correct, so actual time of post was 20.51 (I checked korean time about 3 minutes after post and it was 20.xx). But post was made just a second or two before minute changed, so at quick check it did show one minute later.


  1. And If you see the JY’s photo, the end of a dress is hanging from something (It looks like stone? or…). you can see this clearly once you change the contrast of this photo 🙂 Do you think it has significant meaning or it’s just art for making the dress beautiful.


    1. Yeah, that’s a really good question. Another fan brought this up too, but I think we mostly dismissed it as a composition to make the photo more beautiful – but let’s keep it in mind, because another fan mentioned about something being in the background before and we just dismissed it – it turned out to be the tree, after we came back to look at it closer 🙂


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