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We Need Blood (Update #12)

Minhee’s teaser was released today, and again we see the recurring codes appearing.


If we use the existing letter mappings, we can decode the text.


It comes out as (thanks kallie!):


Most likely “WE NEED BLOOD”

Sinister for sure, and now I’m loving this comeback even more. Under their Angelic appearances, something dark is underneath.

Who’s blood? Maybe Soyoung is their sacrifice.

One more point of note is that in the bottom left there is text too.

I’ve yet to check it carefully, but this may be the text from Jeonyoul’s code, which means we will be able to tell the position of the girls relative to each other.

This may have some significance, because perhaps their positions either spell out something or have an added meaning.

– Stellar Twinkles

3 thoughts on “We Need Blood (Update #12)

  1. According to our letter mappings, I think the note in the bottom left says “OSU?”, the four letter word, which is not the same text from Jeonyoul’s code. I couldn’t find out what this OSU? means. Please help!


    1. Haha, yes you’re right! We noticed this too – actually we think it might be a four letter word OSU(C) or OSU(Q), with the C/Q being half cut off. We think maybe this is only part of the word, and that maybe a different teaser with a different angle on the scene might give us more clues!

      In the meanwhile, we can try and figure out what the full word means! (There is still a possibility that this complete, and an acronym, but I’m not sure!)


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