Angels vs. Witches? (Update #14)

So I was just thinking.

You know how in games like Bayonetta, it’s Angels vs. Witches?

What if Stellar’s dark side is witches?


Update 2017.06.24, 10:14 pm KST: Gayoung mentioned on her Radio #24 about witches while talking about the goddess concept. I think this is confirmed now!

– Stellar Twinkles

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Do not be fooled (Update #13)

Soyoung’s teaser photo has just been released today, and it’s a little different from the others in that it features her reflection in the bottom of the composition.


Like Minhee, Soyoung is lying down in a goddess pose.

If you look at her arm in the reflection, you can see another code.

Sharpened photos courtesy of Xavier!




Nicole has decoded the message for us – the message is upside down and without spaces, but it says “DO NOT BE FOOLED”.

Reflection has been a bit of a theme among discussion of the concept so far. Reflection and mirrors indicating potential deception, or things not being as they seem.

I wonder how this will link into the dark-side concepts that we have seen in the teaser videos so far.

– Stellar Twinkles