Angels vs. Witches? (Update #14)

So I was just thinking.

You know how in games like Bayonetta, it’s Angels vs. Witches?

What if Stellar’s dark side is witches?


Update 2017.06.24, 10:14 pm KST: Gayoung mentioned on her Radio #24 about witches while talking about the goddess concept. I think this is confirmed now!

– Stellar Twinkles

3 thoughts on “Angels vs. Witches? (Update #14)

  1. This is a sort of spoiler 🙂 Gayoung already mentioned that Gayoung and Jeonyul are the witches on her Radio #24. haha xD


    1. Hahaha that’s what I thought I heard, but I wasn’t completely sure. Also, I wonder if that’ll be for their early performances and whether or not they’ll change the roles in later ones! 😄


  2. “Do Not Be Fooled”, right?
    In theo MV, we could see Minhee and Hyoeun being angels, which lead Soyoung to the room. About 5 secs later, the screen changes and in the second scene, Soyoung was in a bath with TONS of candles around her (WE NEED BLOOD — Minhee) and then, her body was painted by Gayoung and Jeonyul. After that, she was drowned in the bath as Gayoung and Jeonyul PUSHES HER HEAD. (she’s a baby, whyyyy) In the last scene of the MV, we could see all 5 girls standing/sitting together. So, I guess this is like M and H’s fool to trick S in, then G and J did something idek to make S join with them.


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