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Archangels of the Sephiroth (Update #17)

The MV for “Archangels of the Sephiroth” has just been released!!! Please look through it carefully to find more clues!

The QR Code can be seen at 2:10.


When scanned, it takes you to this site (thanks to Paul Park and Lukas Moskalis for the correction – it looks like my app didn’t scan it properly!):

It looks like the site is yet to be release. Let’s check back in a bit shall we? 🙂

Update 12:26pm KST – Bee Mon reports that scanning the QR Code leads her to a video! Someone try scanning it again! (It looks like scanning from the screen makes the QR Code readers mess up sometimes due to the pixels)

Update 12:33pm KST – Refreshing the site leads you to a video of the PROLOGUE!

2017-06-27 (1)2017-06-27 (2)2017-06-27 (4)2017-06-27 (5)2017-06-27 (6)2017-06-27 (7)2017-06-27 (8)2017-06-27 (9)

So much to explore! But I gotta run off to Stellar’s showcase or else I’m going to be late.

Please write in the comments anything you discover!!!

– Stellar Twinkles

8 thoughts on “Archangels of the Sephiroth (Update #17)

    1. I think so! I think it has to do with the counter on the bottom of the page, with more videos being locked once the counter hits particular values! Let’s get those view ratings up!!


    1. I tried to decode and ended up with:

      _ _ sephirah will open
      then _ _ (possibly a two-digit number) paths are opened
      for daath


  1. just watch the prologue video and the bgm sounds like KORN – ADIDAS correct me if im wrong… btw the app is scanable! tqvm


  2. guys, i kinda don’t understand everything i found but let’s figure this out together 😉

    – So the tree of Sephiroth, also called the tree of life is represented by the “map” with the coded message at the end that Bruno found.
    I found out here ( that there is 10 Sephira, represented by the colored circles, and in our case by the girls but if you google it “tree of Sephiroth” the color of the circles are different in each images. That is why they gave us Bruno’s link ( when you slide on the circles a color appear, it might be the way to indentify each girl’s Sephira.

    – Also Bruno decoded a message “_ _ sephirah will open
    then _ _ (possibly a two-digit number) paths are opened
    for daath”

    -you’re right it’s in each cases a two digit number as “10 sephirah will open
    then 22 paths are opened for daath”

    -“10 Sephira are linked by 22 connecting paths that chart and guide the progress of each emanation from God/Source. Each pathway contains lessons that must be understood before progressing on and through the next Sephira.

    Each of the 22 connecting pathways corresponds with one of the 22 Major Arcana. Each of these Major Arcana Cards contain the lessons that The Fool must understand or endure before he can confidently move forward. The Fool must not get stuck on his journey for his mission is to complete it and then return home. The 22 connecting pathways are numbered by the Hebrew Alphabet.”
    (copy/paste couldn’t explain it better x) also a reference to Gayoung teaser image “Don’t be fooled” ?)

    -Well confusing but you got the idea …
    my next point is that there is 11 circles, for 10 Sephira, one circle doesn’t have a color !

    – by the MV we can associate the colors of the tree with the girls
    it might be :
    Minhee 1st Sephira – gold – Kether
    Hyoeun 4th Sephira – Bleu – Chesed
    Junyeol 3rd Sephira – black -Binah
    Gayoung – 8th Sephira – red -Hod

    (used the 1st website i mentioned for more informations and i found out that)

    – but what about the new girl ? Sooyoung, dressed in white and kinda guided by the rest of them ?

    I think she might be “Daath” from Bruno’s coded message i googled it and found out that “Daath” is a hidden Sephira not always represented on the tree because of it’s danger …


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