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Light Counter vs. Dark Counter (Update #24)

Here’s an interesting take on the reason why there are different counter stylings for the Fake Code video page and the Real Code video page.


could it be that the “fake” code is actually the real site we should be aiming for?

Light counter (“Fake” site) meaning the support for angels; dark counter (“Real” site) supporting the archangels [sic].

So potentially, based on the final counter values, it determines whether Soyoung joins the Archangels, or whether she joins the Witches.

Here are the different counter stylings again for your reference.

Fake Code video counter:

2017-06-28 (6) - Copy

Real Code video counter:

2017-06-28 (4) - Copy

The alternate interpretation that we had before was that the styling could change once a particular threshold is hit. I think we should test this by getting the Fake Code video counter to 5000+

Help us achieve that by visiting the page to bump that hit counter up!

– Stellar Twinkles

2 thoughts on “Light Counter vs. Dark Counter (Update #24)

  1. In the first picture of the stellar members in the fake video, you can see them wearing black angel wings. This is a symbol of the fallen angels and gives the fake video a somewhat dark theme. Therefore i think that neither of the two videos are really a light or a dark


  2. Two things (bc I have a lot of free time to think lmao) one, did you notice the final shot? The wall is divided in two, a “light side” and a “dark side” with Soyoung in the center but in the angels’ side (that is bigger) and two, whats the point of making Soyoung “choose” a side? I’ve been wondering if this has something to do with Stellar as “Stellar, the Kpop group”? They are at the point of their career where groups debut sub-units, so what if in the end this is to choose a sub-unit that TEP probably had planned before Soyoung (In my personal taste, I’d like to see her join MH and HE, SY looks so cute standing next to HE like a smol lost puppy 😍🙊)


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