FLDJR Video Page

“Watch All Videos” (Update #19)

Minori tipped us off that the box on the fldjr video page actually says “Watch All Videos”.

If you visit the page again, you’ll notice that there is now space for more videos under the main one, and the Prologue video is now “selectable”, indicating there will be other videos that can be selected for play.

A counter has also appeared at the bottom, possibly indicating the number of hits (or unique visits?) to the page.

2017-06-28 (4)

I suspect that by hitting particular thresholds to that number, more videos will be unlocked… so what are we waiting for? Let’s increase the page count a lot!

Please share the page with as many people as possible to increase the view count on the page, and unlock the next part of the story of the girls!

– Stellar Twinkles

2 thoughts on ““Watch All Videos” (Update #19)

  1. By looking source code of the page, all currently supported codes are: path1 (login page to quest area), {path2 path3 path4 path5 path6 path7 path8 path9 path10 sephiroth “Sephiroth”} (empty frames, login needed?), sephiroth-1 “32path”, fldjr “진짜코드”, vpdlzm “가짜코드”, blank “커밍순” (redirect to main page), s-pace “Home” and blank-1 “Twinkle” (“Wix 게시판”).

    All codes can be found by searching “pageUriSEO” from source code.

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