Angel Number 246 (NETZAH Possibility #1)

This is a cute possibility ūüôā


The number 246 on the circle NETZAH:
Angel Number 246 is a message from your angels that they are helping you to manifest your material and financial supplyin order to provide for your needs. Keep a positive attitudeand a focused mind-set, use positive affirmations and prayers, and trust that your needs will be met. The Law of Attraction in action.

Angel Number 246 brings a message to reassure you that your material needs (such as home, transportation, food, clothing and utilities etc) will be met. Your prayers for assistance with your monetary needs have been answered. Keep up the good work you have been doing and expect abundance and prosperity to flow into your life. Be grateful for your blessings and share them freely with others, as this encourages a continuous and steady supply. As you give so you shall receive.

I think this has something to do with Makestar.

– Stellar Twinkles

Motifs · Qliphoth Tree · Sephiroth Tree

The Qliphoth Tree and The Sephiroth Tree (Update #29)


i was looking at the stellar into the world site, and under the awakening tab (http://www.stellarintotheworld.com/sephiroth), there are two pictures of each member, one dark, captioned qliphoth, and one light, captioned sephiroth. each qliphoth are basically the evil version of a sephiroth, so i think instead of the concept being angels vs. witches, i think it’s rulers of each of the sephiroth vs. rulers of each of the qliphoth. you can read a lot more about the qliphoth here:¬†http://keepersoftherealms.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_27.html
hope this helps!

That seems to make a lot of sense!

Also, during Stellar’s showcase, they mentioned in the choreography their choreography represented two different trees – the Sephiroth Tree (graceful and flowy) at the beginning, and the Qliphoth tree (Jeonyoul’s part near the part of the MV where Jeonyoul and Gayoung are performing the ritual on Soyoung).

I wonder if there’s any significance to these two trees.

I wonder also if these trees are reflected in the Fake Code video page and Real Code video pages. We do see a tree in the Prologue video on each page – but is this the Sephiroth Tree or the Qliphoth Tree?

– Stellar Twinkles


Guardians of the Sephiroth Tree (Theory #2)

Here’s another theory for the MV ūüôā


Hello! I’m a long time Twinkle and found this forum yesterday on the comments of the MV, and i’ve been reading all the posts. Amazing job!!!
Anyways, my theory is that, in the beginning the 4 girls protected the Sephiroth Tree, but something happened and they got divided, with Jeonyul and Gayoung becoming witches, and Minhee and Hyoeun staying as angels/archangels. And then, Soyoung somehow discovered everything and each of the groups (Witches x Archangels) are trying to lure them to their side. As in the MV you see Gayoung in the forest behind her, kinda like trying to persuade her, while Heyoeun seems like is waiting for her, to protect her. After, in the desert scene, Minhee seems like praying to the crystals, and in the end looks like she makes an amulet and gives to Soyoung to protect her, but Jeonyul sees it all (the scene that she turns into birds) and sets a trap to get Soyoung. The rest of the MV to me looks like a vision that we and Soyoung get of the both paths she can choose, where we can see the rituals of initiation of both the Archangels, where Minhee and Hyoeun fan her with the feathers, like a baptism, and with the Witches, which put her in the batthub and do all that stuff. And to me, seems like in the end, Soyoung makes all of them come back as friends and they all become a group again…
Hope it all makes sense and fit in the line of though y’all have haha Smooches.


32path (Update #28)


Also, there are other news for the 32 path !

When you click on each circle, you have a picture that needs to be resolved, and as far as i gathered informationss, here is what we have now :

Kether ring (unsolved) – the message that we decode with elements below is “where¬†i¬†come from ?”

Binah ring (unsolved) – the picture is the white version of the group

Geburah ring (unsolved) –¬†an other¬†message to decode “view count more and more” written in white (maybe the white counter of the site ?)

Hod ring (unsolved) – it’s a song partition to decode but¬†unfortunately¬†i’m¬†not good a music chords :p

Yesod ring (solved) – it’s a game to download and play on OSU to discover the password.
This one¬†have¬†been made by some twinkles cause we found the password which is “victory” and it unlocks that¬†picture :
Malkut ring (unsolved) – the picture is the subway ad of Stellar

Tipheret ring (unsolved) – a kind of puzzle with colors

Netzah ring (unsolved) – a message to decode which is a number “246”

Hesed ring (unsolved) – same as Geburah,¬†an message¬†to decode written in black “view count more and more” (maybe the dark counter of the site ?)

Hokmat ring (unsolved) Рthe picture is the dark version of the group

Daath ring (unsolved) – unclickable for the moment

So excited to resolve the mystery !!

Wow, there’s so much to do! Please keep updating everyone on the progress – let’s solve this mystery together! ^^

– Stellar Twinkles


Gate Opening (Update #27)


Hello again,

It seems that in the real site, we opened a gate after reaching more than 10k views.

Do we need to do the same for the fake site to see what’s going to happen¬†next ?¬†And how to increase those¬†views ?

Also, what is this gate¬†story ?¬†Does have it a link with the Daath (as we know that light/dark counter may influence Soyoung’s¬†side) ?

Yes! It does look like we can open the gates by hitting the counters. But I wonder exactly what it means when the gate opens! It looks like there are more unlockables too, so we should try and increase the hit counters as much as possible. I’m not sure exactly how the hit counter value is counted (whether it remembers your “session” or not, therefore not increasing it more than once in a “session”). If you refresh your cache before each refresh and browse in private mode, that should be a sure way to make sure the hit counter increases on each page refresh, but I’m not sure if there’s a less cumbersome way.

Remembering this message:

_ _ sephirah will open
then _ _ (possibly a two-digit number) paths are opened
for daath

– Stellar Twinkles