32path (Update #28)


Also, there are other news for the 32 path !

When you click on each circle, you have a picture that needs to be resolved, and as far as i gathered informationss, here is what we have now :

Kether ring (unsolved) – the message that we decode with elements below is “where i come from ?”

Binah ring (unsolved) – the picture is the white version of the group

Geburah ring (unsolved) – an other message to decode “view count more and more” written in white (maybe the white counter of the site ?)

Hod ring (unsolved) – it’s a song partition to decode but unfortunately i’m not good a music chords :p

Yesod ring (solved) – it’s a game to download and play on OSU to discover the password.
This one have been made by some twinkles cause we found the password which is “victory” and it unlocks that picture :
Malkut ring (unsolved) – the picture is the subway ad of Stellar

Tipheret ring (unsolved) – a kind of puzzle with colors

Netzah ring (unsolved) – a message to decode which is a number “246”

Hesed ring (unsolved) – same as Geburah, an message to decode written in black “view count more and more” (maybe the dark counter of the site ?)

Hokmat ring (unsolved) – the picture is the dark version of the group

Daath ring (unsolved) – unclickable for the moment

So excited to resolve the mystery !!

Wow, there’s so much to do! Please keep updating everyone on the progress – let’s solve this mystery together! ^^

– Stellar Twinkles

5 thoughts on “32path (Update #28)

  1. For the music thing, CCCGGGFGFEC ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ C is the melody of the song. I find out that the blank is Db (or C#) Db Db Db Eb (or D#) Db…. then??


      1. A fan Miguel Isasmendi sent this in, to me – perhaps it’s of use?

        The Hod notes are [
        “cc ggg”
        “fgfe g”
        “#g#g#g#g #a#g”


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