Forum Transformation (Update #25)

Note: The forum is currently located here.


12:51am KST – “Admin” likes my post.

2017-06-29 (2)

12:–am KST – “Admin” changes its own name to “Pascal”

1:05am KST – I checked the main forum page and it’s in the progress of being upgraded for Twinkles 🙂

2017-06-29 (4)

What an honor, they renamed the random forum I posted into, to “Twinkle” 😛

2017-06-29 (5)

– Stellar Twinkles


3 thoughts on “Forum Transformation (Update #25)

  1. ohhhh. have you seen all the pages? it’s really interesting but I need a password to interact with the website, I dont know if it’s my facebook password or something since I logged in with it (i dont want to risk my safety, I already lost one facebook account lol) but so far all the effort put into this comeback is amazing, I never tought someone at TEP would think all of this

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