Gate Opening (Update #27)


Hello again,

It seems that in the real site, we opened a gate after reaching more than 10k views.

Do we need to do the same for the fake site to see what’s going to happen next ? And how to increase those views ?

Also, what is this gate story ? Does have it a link with the Daath (as we know that light/dark counter may influence Soyoung’s side) ?

Yes! It does look like we can open the gates by hitting the counters. But I wonder exactly what it means when the gate opens! It looks like there are more unlockables too, so we should try and increase the hit counters as much as possible. I’m not sure exactly how the hit counter value is counted (whether it remembers your “session” or not, therefore not increasing it more than once in a “session”). If you refresh your cache before each refresh and browse in private mode, that should be a sure way to make sure the hit counter increases on each page refresh, but I’m not sure if there’s a less cumbersome way.

Remembering this message:

_ _ sephirah will open
then _ _ (possibly a two-digit number) paths are opened
for daath

– Stellar Twinkles

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