Stellar Official Blog (Update #35)

Looks like a Stellar Official Blog is around the corner too. Oho, looks like TEP is really going to make an effort to communicate to fans this time round. The Sephiroth Tree really is creating for us a rebirth and a new beginning.

Link here:

– Stellar Twinkles

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Counter Unlockable Updates (Update #34)

As of current, the following have been unlocked based on the hit counters of the respective pages:

Real Code Counter

2017-07-01 (5)

Fake Code Counter

2017-07-01 (6)

It’s become apparent that hitting particular thresholds unlock extra content for the “Stellar into the World” website. Please keep hitting those pages to unlock the remainder of the site!

– Stellar Twinkles

“Don’t Do This” 이러지마세요 (Update #32)

I found a new page which looks like some kind of shopping page.

2017-07-01 (4)

The page url ending is “dlfjwlaktpdy” when typed in Korean is 이러지마세요, or “Don’t Do This”.

I tried buying the items for the fun of it, but it just gives me an error saying that my card could not be approved (before even giving my card details).

I assume this will eventually be some kind of Official Stellar merchandise store (looks like TEP really has been listening to our Makestar feedback), and I’m not sure how it relates to the ARG just yet.

Feel free to poke around 🙂

– Stellar Twinkles

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Vote for their destiny (Update #31)

The Awakening section of the “Stellar into the World” website now takes votes for the Qliphoth vs. Sephiroth versions of each member. I considered early on before the MV released that it would be possible for fans to choose based on voting, the concept of each member. My thoughts were that based on the votes, the costumes for each music show performance would be different. What are your thoughts?

2017-07-01 (2)

In any case, you might want to go vote for your favourite concepts now! 🙂

– Stellar Twinkles

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32path Clue #2 (Update #30)

Clue #2 was released recently. It shows the album art of Stellar’s songs, likely from a streaming service – look at the little play arrows on the bottom of the album art.

Note that the text simply reads “NETZAH”.

Does this link in with somehow with the 246 clue? 8 album art are shown – do the 2nd, 4th, and 6th albums have any relationship?


– Stellar Twinkles

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32path Working Solutions

Hi everyone~ I decided it would be a good idea to collect all known solutions to 32paths here. Needless to say, this page will contain spoilers if you want to solve them yourself. Please put your solutions or working (ie incomplete) solutions as comments on this page, and I will update it as more information is added. You can access this page again from the “Important links” section on the right navigation bar.

I used the initial post by Yaya as the basis for this page.

Joan Guillén has been maintaining a forum topic on the Stellar Official Forum for figuring out the solutions as well. I will copy (with credit) some of what’s been discovered there for convenience, to here, as well. You may find it useful to chat and discuss solutions to the problems over there.

Note that the message below everything says: 10 SEPHIRAH WILL OPEN THEN 22 PATHS ARE OPENED FOR DAATH


When you click on each circle, you have a picture that needs to be resolved.

Kether ring (solved)

The message that we decode with elements below is “Where I come from?”

Joan Guillén:

The 1st ring says “WHERE I COME FROM?” (KETER) and the button to open the path was hidden in the picture of the dark version of the group. The pass word was jeonyul because she was the only one missing the crown. This is what we got, the letter M:


Binah ring (unsolved)

The picture is the white version of the group

Geburah ring (unsolved) – another message to decode “view count more and more” written in white (maybe the white counter of the site ?)

Hod ring (confirmation required)

Miguel Isasmendi saw this information floating around – can anyone confirm?

The Hod notes are [
“cc ggg”
“fgfe g”
“#g#g#g#g #a#g”

Joan Guillén:

The 8th is some kind of riddle with the chords of the song(HOD): We have figured out that this is how it goes but we have no clue what it means

Yesod ring (solved)

It’s a game to download and play on OSU to discover the password.
This one have been made by some twinkles cause we found the password which is “victory” and it unlocks that picture :

Malkut ring (solved)

The picture is the subway ad of Stellar

Joan Guillén (src):

The password was hongikuniv, since it’s the name of the subway station. Here’s what we got: The letter M


Tipheret ring (unsolved)

A kind of puzzle with colors

Netzah ring (solved)

A message to decode which is a number “246”

The password is “marionette” (thanks stellartois!) but we don’t have a clear idea of how the clues 256, or the star link to the solution, just that we looked at the albums from Clue #2. This picture is unlocked:

2017-07-01 (1)

Hesed ring (unsolved)

Same as Geburah, an message to decode written in black “view count more and more” (maybe the dark counter of the site ?)

Hokmat ring (unsolved)

The picture is the dark version of the group

Daath ring (unsolved)

Unclickable for the moment



The Subway Ad (MALKUT Possibility #1)


Malkut is associated with the realm of matter/earth and relates to the physical world, the planets and the solar system.

In the picture, the korean message is ” Let’s walk only on flowery roads !” and that word “flowery” has a specific meaning i think.
Also, when you see the flower drawing, it’s the mugunghwa (korea’s national flower), and the flower’s symbolic significance stems from the Korean word mugung, which means “eternity” or “inexhaustible abundance”.
I think for this specific ring, as it is linked to the Earth, it’s probably turning around flowers.