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32path Clue #2 (Update #30)

Clue #2 was released recently. It shows the album art of Stellar’s songs, likely from a streaming service – look at the little play arrows on the bottom of the album art.

Note that the text simply reads “NETZAH”.

Does this link in with somehow with the 246 clue? 8 album art are shown – do the 2nd, 4th, and 6th albums have any relationship?


– Stellar Twinkles

5 thoughts on “32path Clue #2 (Update #30)

  1. Hello!

    I solved the 246 quiz!

    I think just 246 is second, fourth, and sixth stellar album
    and I just type marionette and It works!!!


  2. I don’t know meaning of 246. But I think a star in the photo of NETZAH circle implies “twinkle”.
    People have used the name twinkle since marionette album! this is my guess!


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