Patterns, Music, Elements (Update #41)

We’ve talked about this on the discord but it would be nice to have it
here as well:1)Hokmah and Binah pictures have a pretty interesting pattern that
could be the clue to solve those: On Binah (Sephiroth/Archangel/Light)
picture all the girls have their arms down and are looking to the
ground however Soyoung have both her arms raised and looking to the


On Hokmah, Hyoeun and Soyoung have their arms crossed and are
looking to their sides while the rest of the girls have at least one
arm raised while looking down. It’s a pattern that we hadn’t noticed
before and seems simple enough (and straightforward) to be part of the
answer, since all of the other puzzles have been this simple.


2)Hod (the most hated circle at the discord) has a music puzzle that
seems to be really distracting so I went with a much simpler approach
to try cracking it. After seeing the clue I thought of going as simple as I could with it, so I turned it around and it looks like this

this seems like a hangman puzzle with a 6 letter word that starts with
T (or C, if we translate the symbol). I believe this is the answer to
the puzzle and the word may have to be reversed as well.

3)Another approach I just had with Hod was thinking on repeats. It’s a
pattern that’s on the puzzle itself, the section that’s missing is
repetitive, the audio repeats itself, clue #3 may be also “repeat” or
“cycle”. This is pretty recent so I haven’t put much thought on it,
but maybe someone else wants to work this idea a little bit.

4)We haven’t used the whole Forest=Gayoung, Earth=Minhee,
Mystery=Soyoung, Night=Jeonyul and Water=Hyoeun stuff on the puzzles
and that’s part of the ARG for sure. Just something to keep in mind
while working on the answers.

Thanks for all those tips Hyper! On that final note, I feel like we haven’t examined the MV closely enough for any hidden clues. For example, I noticed circles on the earth on Minhee’s scene and haven’t looked closely at it yet.
About the body positions – would that 1-frame scene also be a missing part of the group of patterns?
– Stellar Twinkles