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Angel Number Prediction: Next teaser @ 12:05pm (Update #8)


Gayoung Twitter Teaser: 1007 (1+0+0+7=8)
Jeonyul Twitter Teaser: 1106 (1+1+0+6=8)
So the next twitter teaser should come at 12:05 (1+2+0+5=8)

That 8 ties in with the line Justin mentioned earlier as it connects the 8th sephiroth (Hod) with Yesod.

We’ve seen Angel Numbers being calculated using this way before.

Refer to detail at the bottom of the pages like this that explain.

– Stellar Twinkles

Angel Numbers · Jeonyoul

Yoori’s Teaser, Hebrew, Angel Numbers 850 and 1106 (Update #5)

Jeonyoul’s Teaser got released today, and this has brought in a few more leads!

jeonyoul teaser


The most prominent and eye-catching thing you’ll see is the text written on the bottom left corner of the teaser photo.

When sharpened (thanks Sam/Astro!), and looked at from a different angle, it looks like this:


Which appears to be Hebrew


Does anyone who can read Hebrew know what it says??

Also, does it match to any of the Hebrew on the more complicated versions of the Sephiroth Tree diagrams?

Some things I’ve thought of: Perhaps following the Hebrew text along the Sephiroth Tree diagram will give us more clues? (Other Twinkles also suggested, what if we rotate the text?)

Angel Numbers 850 and 1106

The teaser photo was originally uploaded on Stellar’s Facebook page at 8:50am KST, and then on Stellar’s Official Twitter page at 11:06am KST. Could these be in relation to the Angel Numbers again? (Thanks Twinkles on the Twinkle Chat room, and procrastinationismysecondname)

Angel Number 850

“Angel Number 850 is a message that the angels are with you, helping you with current and ongoing changes taking place in your life. Ask for guidance from the angels whenever you feel the need and know that the channel of communication is always open for you. All is going to Divine plan in every way.”

Angel Number 1106

“Angel Number 1106 is a message from your angels reminding you that your thoughts and beliefs create your realities and experiences, and you are encouraged to hold only positive expectations and thoughts about your material situation or circumstances. New and/or unexpected opportunities will arise (sometimes in the most unexpected ways) that will ensure all that you need to maintain and sustain you in your daily life will come to you when required. Do not hold fear of lack or loss. Have faith and trust that your angels and the Universe will make sure that your material needs are met.”

Also, procrastinationismysecondname thinks that the Angel Numbers for Jeonyoul fits well with her cyptic tweet. They explain:

2017-06-21 (4)2017-06-21 (5)

– Stellar Twinkles

Angel Numbers · Gayoung

“Angel Number” 1007 (Update #2)

Gayoung and Official Stellar tweeted the teaser photo at 10:07am KST. (Thank you kallie for spotting this oddity!)

When you Google search 1007, it gives the “Angel Number” 1007 which means:

“Angel Number 1007 is a communication from the angels that you should follow your goals in life. Create your own fate by taking the guidance from the divine energies and by following your own instincts. You should not be deterred by the opinion of others in your objective to realize your desires.”

This sounds about the right kind of description of Gayoung to me 😄



– Stellar Twinkles