Guardians of the Sephiroth Tree (Theory #2)

Here’s another theory for the MV 🙂


Hello! I’m a long time Twinkle and found this forum yesterday on the comments of the MV, and i’ve been reading all the posts. Amazing job!!!
Anyways, my theory is that, in the beginning the 4 girls protected the Sephiroth Tree, but something happened and they got divided, with Jeonyul and Gayoung becoming witches, and Minhee and Hyoeun staying as angels/archangels. And then, Soyoung somehow discovered everything and each of the groups (Witches x Archangels) are trying to lure them to their side. As in the MV you see Gayoung in the forest behind her, kinda like trying to persuade her, while Heyoeun seems like is waiting for her, to protect her. After, in the desert scene, Minhee seems like praying to the crystals, and in the end looks like she makes an amulet and gives to Soyoung to protect her, but Jeonyul sees it all (the scene that she turns into birds) and sets a trap to get Soyoung. The rest of the MV to me looks like a vision that we and Soyoung get of the both paths she can choose, where we can see the rituals of initiation of both the Archangels, where Minhee and Hyoeun fan her with the feathers, like a baptism, and with the Witches, which put her in the batthub and do all that stuff. And to me, seems like in the end, Soyoung makes all of them come back as friends and they all become a group again…
Hope it all makes sense and fit in the line of though y’all have haha Smooches.