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Stellar’s Videos with ENG SUB

You can watch all of Stellar’s videos with English Subtitles on our Stellar Twinkles channel.

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Stellar Support Project

For those that are interested, we also run the Stellar Support Project (currently in Season 2) for Stellar.

In our Stellar Support Project Season 1, we were able to:

We also collected lots of messages from Twinkles around the world which have motivated the girls on (Hyoeun mentioned in a news article).

Our Stellar Support Project Season 2 is currently launched! We hope to have a greater focus on creating opportunities for the girls to develop and achieve in the direction they want to go and are in talks of filming a Season 2 of the web-drama “Blue Up White Down” with more Stellar members.

You can subscribe to our Stellar Support Project email list to join in and be updated on our projects for Stellar. I send updates to everyone on these projects once in a while ^^