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Fake Code (Update #20)

The Korean Twinkles have discovered a new video!


hi, i’m korean twinkle.
we found it : http://www.stellarintotheworld.com/vpdlzm


My explanation: If you look at the title of the page we found by scanning the QR Code, it says “Real Code” in Korean. The odd string of characters “fldjk” when typed with the Korean Keyboard being enabled gives the word “리얼” (“Real”). Reversing this logic, if you type in “페이크” (“Fake”) as if you were typing Korean, but with the English keyboard enabled, you get the string “vpdlzm”.

Replacing the string “vpdlzm” at the end of the URL takes you to the “Fake Code” video, also with a counter at the bottom.

2017-06-28 (6)

Perhaps we need to find all the videos and bring the view count to a certain threshold to unlock something, from the clue “Watch All Videos”.

There may also be slight differences between the Real Code and Fake Code videos – please someone comb the two videos for details, and let us know if you spot any differences!

Note that the counter is styled differently to the Real Code video page – I wonder if the styling shows whether or not the sufficient threshold has been reached.

Fake Code video counter:

2017-06-28 (6) - Copy

Real Code video counter:

2017-06-28 (4) - Copy

– Stellar Twinkles

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Archangels of the Sephiroth (Update #17)

The MV for “Archangels of the Sephiroth” has just been released!!! Please look through it carefully to find more clues!

The QR Code can be seen at 2:10.


When scanned, it takes you to this site (thanks to Paul Park and Lukas Moskalis for the correction – it looks like my app didn’t scan it properly!): http://www.stellarintotheworld.com/fldjr

It looks like the site is yet to be release. Let’s check back in a bit shall we? 🙂

Update 12:26pm KST – Bee Mon reports that scanning the QR Code leads her to a video! Someone try scanning it again! (It looks like scanning from the screen makes the QR Code readers mess up sometimes due to the pixels)

Update 12:33pm KST – Refreshing the site leads you to a video of the PROLOGUE!

2017-06-27 (1)2017-06-27 (2)2017-06-27 (4)2017-06-27 (5)2017-06-27 (6)2017-06-27 (7)2017-06-27 (8)2017-06-27 (9)

So much to explore! But I gotta run off to Stellar’s showcase or else I’m going to be late.

Please write in the comments anything you discover!!!

– Stellar Twinkles